I excited to see the goalposts move even more in the coming

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How fast could Supes really destroy the Earth anyway? I mean where is the basis for comparison here? Has anyone really done theMath? We talking instant obliteration here.

Well, he could try pushing the Earth into the sun? Sounds like a great plan, I mean he faster than a spending bullet right? I mean, a quick search tells me a rail gun can fire stuff at 8000 feet per second so Supah Mahn could move as least 20000 feet per second, easy.

Takes 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach Earth right? Canada Goose Coats On Sale Pfft, it only 93 canada goose outlet new york million miles away

With that time it only take a few short. 284 days for him to push it that far. But does this really count as instant obliteration? Everyone would be dead by overheating months before reaching the sun, which makes it just seem like a dick move to keep going the whole way.

Which brings us to just punching the Earth over and over. Super sauce flies around and punches craters into the ground. I believe the effects would be similar to asteroid strikes or nuclear bombs. It cause massive earthquakes, I sure all the dust and dirt flying into the air would eventually block out the sun and cause a nuclear winter scenario, and eventually the Earth would look like Humpty Dumpty.

However, this also does not meet instant obliteration either. It still more of a Superman induced apocalypse.

cheap canada goose uk Tl;dr So in conclusion, to say Soups could just instantly destroy the entire planet with little effort, I pose you one question: How? cheap canada goose uk

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Canada Goose Online Coming in 30 or 40 years, maybe. I remember the first DARPA challenge for a self driving car, what? 30 years ago? And today? They still don’t work in heavy rain or canada goose outlet oslo snow, on anything other than a meticulously mapped road and route. And even in the best conditions on perfect roads? canada goose jacket outlet store They slam on the brakes for every bunch of canada goose outlet online store leaves blowing in the gutter. There are a LOT of jobs that are going to be automated long before we’re going to be putting 40 tons of high speed mayhem in to the hands of software that has to operate in real time, with 0% chance of bugs or crashes, that can handle re routing for construction, can follow police officer hand signals, in all possible weather conditions. and is also legally responsible for any damage that https://www.baertakreation.de it might cause. And that’s all just for driving. What about load securement? Pre trip safety inspections? Coordinating with canada goose outlet calgary loading and off loading? Canada Goose Online

Yes. It will happen eventually. But after lawyers, and accountants, and diagnosticians, and truck dispatchers, etc. etc. Real time computing is hard. Getting it to work perfectly is really really hard.

Canada Goose online I recognized it as something stupid she did. But compared to all the policy decisions that canada goose outlet vancouver she would make vs. Trump I recognized it as inconsequential. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket It didn make headway on climate change. It didn give massive tax cuts to the rich at the expense of everyone else. It didn put the education department in the hands of someone who wants to privatize it. It didn appoint 1 3 SCOUTS members changing the courts to be ultra conservative for the rest of anyone in their middle age rest of their lives. It didn decide on an isolationist stance that allows China to rapidly take over our place in the world. buy canada goose jacket

uk canada goose outlet There were countless important policy decisions at stake. The email server was completely inconsequential relative to what will actually impact our country, economy, and lives going forward. uk canada goose outlet

Anyone who thought it was a big deal bought into propaganda pure and simple. They were distracted by something stupid while the real battle was going on out of their line of sight.

Beaglegod 5 points submitted 1 year ago

canadian goose jacket Trump jr, Kush and Manafort meet with the Russians at Trump tower while Trump himself was in the building. The context of the meeting was getting dirt on Hillary. They discussed «adoptions» aka sanctions. This is all well known stuff buddy. canadian goose jacket

On top of that Trump admitted on television that he fired Comey to stop the investigation.

canada goose coats That just off the top of my head. I excited to see the goalposts move even more in the coming months as indictments start raining down. canada goose coats

You really need to start prepping yourself for canada goose outlet store near me a bad time. Your canada goose gilet uk «fucking moron» president is going down hard and due to the limited intelligence of his supporters it going to be a shit show.

Beaglegod 15 points submitted 1 year ago

Reading it instead of listening makes it sound to me like Bush was just kinda trying to move the conversation along. Like he wasn really canada goose shop regent street that interested in what Trump was saying, he wanted him to to get a shot done or something. Then the next thing he says is basically «C lets get moving». I can say I would handle that kind of conversation any better, I be weirded the fuck out by Donald Trump telling me how his old nasty ass is forcing himself on women. Its odd.

Beaglegod 1 point submitted 1 year ago

A year and a half after these comments were made Trump is under investigation for exactly this by the senate, the house and a special prosecutor. The Steele dossier has been public knowledge for 10 months and nothing in it has been refuted, only verified. How you, as a Trump supporter, can look at all this and say «na, they were totally joking» boggles my mind. You either live in a world of fantasy or you genuinely don care that we have a cheap canada goose traitor as president, because he was on your side. Not sure which is worse.

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